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Last and Least

There is a difference between the ‘last’ and the ‘least’.

When all you have is $1 and you give .90 cents, that’s your last.

When you have $1 million dollars and you give .90 cents, that’s your least.


“The world is neither so full of evil that we can’t enjoy it, nor so full of goodness that we can abandon ourselves to it.

When we see something beautiful, there is always the qualifying thought that it is tarnished. When we see something ugly, there is always the qualifying thought that there is something of the Creator hidden there.”

-Steve Turner, Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts

Slow Down

It seems everything and everybody is on steroids. Nothing lasts more than a nanosecond and there’s something wrong with you if you blinked and missed it. Even my Christian family has fallen victim with microwave worship, prepackaged sermons, and shabba-dabba-doo life coaching.

I was listening to an interview with Blue’s Daddy (formerly known as Jay Z/S[dot]Carter). He was talking about music and dropped these gems (I’m paraphrasing here) but I think he’s on to something even beyond that:

We have to figure out how to slow…down. When I get something, I’m gonna live with it for a while. Let it sink in and move me – really take hold.  I’m not gonna let anybody speed up my process. I don’t care what’s happening out there. My life is tailor made for me and nobody can force me into something that ain’t genuine for me just so they can move on to the next thing.


There is a population of us that have been deceived into thinking that we are not supposed to shine.  That our destiny is and could only be found in “behind-the-scenes” action and that when presented, our choice should always be practicality.  As a result, our lamps are placed under our beds (in the far corner) and we have decided that the best thing for us to do is live vicariously through everyone else’s idea of how our lives should be. Our voices have been stilled and our gifts have relegated to hobby status. And each time we do attempt to branch out and reach higher, it’s SO uncomfortable that we ensure our own failure.

This time though, before you get down on yourself and start sipping the pity-party and inferiority kool-aid, just know some things.

1. The simple fact that you had enough faith to do SOMETHING – counts for a lot. There are millions of people who chose fear over faith and confidence…and they’re probably part of the community that tried to kill your dreams off.

2. The more you do a thing, the better at it you become…and the more comfortable. And once you start, don’t let that icky ‘duck out of water’ feeling stop you (that’s what it’s there to do).

3.  There’s a whole community of believers rooting for your success in the best way. They’re just waiting for you to realize whose you are, who you are, and what you’ve been gifted.

Not the Only One

Preface just to give this post a little context:
…my church has been reading through Revelations and right at the beginning, John is writing to a bunch of churches about how they’re doing and what they could/should be doing differently.  Revvie (that’s my pastor) asked us to honestly consider which ‘church’ we felt we were right now. This was my response to her.  I was absolutely NOT going to put it up but I read a post from a fellow blogger earlier today where the question was regarding what to do when you “lose the fire” for God (his post is here -you should def follow him-   Wanna let him/her, you, and me know that we aren’t alone in this. You’re not the only one.  Trust.
So to Revelations…I’m Ephesus, 2:2-7.  I don’t even know how to get back “there” right now (v4-5: But I have this against you: You have left the love you had in the beginning.  So remember where you were before you fell. Change your hearts and do what you did at first.) I was in love when I was serving. I was in love when I was studying and writing. I was in love when I had time with Him. But most of all I was in love when it all seemed to matter and there was a direction. Now, I don’t see the point of all this scratching and clawing just to stay ‘true’. I can’t seem to put it in terms of “eternal life” as the prize cause I’m still trying to make it through THIS wack life.  And this world will leave you a bloody, disgruntled, disappointed, and disillusioned mess if you let it. As I watch Christians do whatever they want, the government do whatever it wants, unbelievers do whatever they want, it just seems it would be easier to be a mediocre Christian and “live my life” too. I wouldn’t have to worry about impossibilities or doubts or God being bigger than my circumstances. I wouldn’t have to wait for answers or struggle through dry seasons or losses or fight with faith. I wouldn’t be forced to dream bigger than me or expect more. I wouldn’t have to deal with conscience or questions or care so much about the truth. I could just coast and live out the life satan figured I’d go for. Unfortunately, like Jeremiah, God tricked me into this life of MORE. I can’t shake it and I can’t move from it. I WISH I could doubt that but I absolutely cannot. I can’t be a Nicolatian – a Christian of compromise. He won’t let me. I ain’t regular. I’m chosen.  And sometimes, it sucks.
The end.

2 of Diamonds

“One and some possibles” is how you bid on a hand in a game of Spades…don’t ever let anyone play your life that way.

Loud Applause

“This is what we applaud…it is the notion of choosing the clarity and power of one’s own voice over the voice of doubt and hesitation, despite the fact that that [latter] voice is louder, and more people are saying it…” 

Kivi Bernhard – Leopardology

Momma Dee and Clock Radio Speakers

She is absolutely off her rocker, but in this she was absolutely right…”change IS a’comin”!

The face of the church is changing.

The face of worship is changing.

The face of the Kingdom conversation is changing.

And to quote a magnificent friend: “Get right or get left”…..(thanks Chi)

Ohhh…you want proof.  Aight, just click the link and listen with your heart open.  Cause I think I just fell in love with this life all over again.

Clock Radio Speakers Episode 97: Lavoisier

Armond & Doc talk with Lavoisier about Kidd Jopp’s “Letter to Lecrae”, if there’s such a true thing as a ‘true Christian’, and a whole lot more.  Then Armond & Doc finish up with some NBA talk and the role of Twitter in the Boston Marathon coverage.   Plus some CRS randomry.

How to Get Grace

“A man inquired of a preacher, ‘How do you receive the grace of God?’

Since it was pouring down rain outside the building where the two were talking, the preacher replied, “Like this.”

Whereupon he stepped out into the pouring rain and began to be soaked.”

– p 6, Never a Day Too Much, Daniel Black


Baby Prophets

Real conversation between 4 adults and a truly wise 4 year old…we love the Gabster.

Baby Gab: “Where is Jesus??? Why can’t He be right here beside me [in person]?”

Adult 1: “He said He had to go away for right now…but He’ll be back.”

Baby Gab: “When??”

Adult 2: “Remember, He said we won’t know when…we won’t know the day or the hour.”

Baby Gab: “BUT I KNOW WHEN!! I know…….but it’s a secret and I can’t tell…shhh.”

Adult 3: “You know….you might just be on to something there!”