Da Lone Wolf Syndrome

There are so many quotes about the “strength” and “power” of riding out on your own – as a “lone wolf”. I have partaken of the Kool-Aid (red, please) and believed that I was better alone. Or worse, I spun my introversion into a liberated seclusion.

I tell you…it’s all a lie. Or, maybe not all lies – but definitely part fantasy.

No one was created to function alone; definitely not at their greatest capacity. And that isolation was never liberating – it was always debilitating – because the only place you find a single person subjected to utter solitude is in prison.

4 responses to “Da Lone Wolf Syndrome

  • Jamie Carter

    Christianity – back in the day – had a whole branch of the faith dedicated to living in isolated cells out in the desert, as hermits or monks or nuns who had little interaction with others. Their thoughts influenced Christian teachings greatly.

    • theflufffreejournal

      Absolutely true…yet those movements to self-imposed isolation were typically more counter-cultural and individual than biblical. In some instances it was an escape from persecution but more often it was simply removing themselves permanently from what they considered to be the “noise” of society and everyday life. Lack of distraction will always allow you a different level of reflection.

  • Sarah J Callen

    Such a good reminder! I have fallen into that trap before. But I am immensely thankful now that I know better and understand that I can’t do life alone. I wouldn’t trade doing life with my community for anything!

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