Talk to me: Psalm 67 & 69

In the glorious name of the Only, the Alpha and Omega, the Omnipresent, indeed let the hearts of those who seek You rejoice!!! Because for those who seek, you will be found – you promised this to your people. When we call, you answer. No matter what the situation we can pour our every thought out to you and know that you will rescue us from every enemy – even if that enemy is US. Sometimes the mountain that needs to be moved or the enemy who tells disgusting lies to and about us are all on the inside. But your righteousness and mercy delivers us and saves us. Praise the name of the Lord for He is worthy to be praised!! Praise the works of the Lord because none can compare to our God!! Praise the Lord God almighty who formed us, made us, and chose us by His own good will and desire. What a blessing to be loved that way! And we are blessed simply because the Lord mighty in battle but gentle and humble in spirit is always on our side. No one has a God like our God because there IS no God like our God!!
In the matchless name of Jesus Christ, the perfect lamb that was murdered because of my sins, defeated death like it was nothing, now lives and intercedes for me protecting me from all harm and manner of evil and wickedness, so it shall be!!! Amen to the אמן

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