Back on Track with Job

Job 11 & 12

Before I started Job this morning, I was looking at how Judas really gets a bum rap in the grand scheme of things. He had a purpose and he served it well…made a despicably bad decision that he regretted so much that his only recourse was to hang himself. But Psalm 145:14 says that ‘God supports all who “fall” (intentionally and unintentionally; and those who have just collapsed whether in discouragement or despair) and “raises up” all who are “bowed down”‘, and in this verse’s context I would say that means “bowed down” in shame or some such. So I figured if that’s good enough for Jesus then it’s good enough for me and I was gonna start cutting Judas, and today, even though I knew it wasn’t gonna be good, Job’s friends some slack. They all had a part in this drama…and Zophar did not disappoint in playing his role.
To me, he is a classic example of a person who is so anxious to TALK and prove their point that it’s pretty clear they weren’t LISTENING to anything. Zophar name calls(11:1-3), misquotes (4) and even repeats Job, but in this, only to suit his own agenda (10). In the midst of all this he completely misses Job’s cry in order to prove how right he is. It’s interesting how Zophar is so quick to admonish Job about wisdom when it seems he himself has none. He’s moved from self-righteousness into plain ego-trippin’. All three friends have spoken as if they’re on payroll in Jesus’ PR department…but Zophar sounds like he knows a pink-slip is coming any day and he’s trying to save his job by doing way too much!
I think chapter 12 is the first time Job actually comes at the three directly. But how Job so impresses is that while he’s giving his friends the business, he is still telling the truth about God. And it probably all went over non-listening Zophar’s head. Which makes me wonder why Job chose now to go at them? Eliphaz and Bildad went hard at him too, but I wonder if he grasped just how ridiculous Zophar’s retort was and decided it was time to “answer a fool according to his foolishness” (Proverbs 26:5)…

4 responses to “Back on Track with Job

  • "light and salt"

    Yes, I agree with the thoughts here. Judas and the friends of Job, etc. did wrong, and God knew that they would do so!

    However, we have to distinguish something here. These men may have done wrong, but they first chose to do so of their own accord. If they had turned away from their evil deeds beforehand, God would have forgiven them and found another way to carry out His plans!

    We can’t “second guess” God…there’s no playing “arm chair quarterback!” His thoughts are not ours, and neither are His ways. We do know God’s ways are perfect in design and execution, and we must trust His doings.

    We can’t fall into the evil one’s traps ourselves by wondering about the ways of our Lord!

    Steve Pejay

    • theflufffreejournal

      Good morning Steve!! Thanks for your insight…I think we’re on the same page although I’m not 100% sure what issues you’re distinguishing.
      Ironically enough, the whole point of Job in my opinion is exactly what you said – that we can’t understand the mind of God (Isaiah 55:8-9) and that we should be very careful of our thoughts of him, especially as we attempt to “console” others through things that they may be dealing with. God always knows something we don’t and that’s a point that was made clear in the book of Job from the first chapter.

      I think in counter to your point on the men “doing wrong and turning from it” is that they didn’t even know how wrong they were! Or even worse, they weren’t wrong PER SE, they just had an extremely limited view of who God was – especially in relation to Job’s current situation. So in this case I don’t believe it was about them turning from their deeds – God allowed Job to not only go through the loss, but what I would consider the constant torment of his “friends” (and that word in the Hebrew text means FRIEND just as we would consider it…the Word calls them that even though they don’t seem to act like much like “friends”.) So this would also be a place where I would say, God is up to something and let me just let Him do his thing. Judas had a purpose and so did the people who came to “comfort” Job – and even though they’re annoying me to no end! LOL

      • "light and salt"

        What a well written reply! And yes, I think we are generally on the same page regarding most every important thought.

        In the case of Job and his 3 “friends,” there were several things going on which God wants us to consider. I believe He allowed Job’s trials in order to show Satan “who’s boss!”

        Satan told God that Job was dedicated to Him because of all his blessings. God knew that was not at the core of his devotion. So God showed the evil one by allowing Job to display his true faith even in despicable conditions.

        I also believe He used Job as a “teaching tool” for the 3 friends. They all assumed Job had some secret sin and that was the reason for his problems. That was a common belief held by many in that day.

        But the Lord showed them differently in the end. And we must not judge someone without facts…a lesson for all of God’s children, exemplified through this story.

        Yet another point the Lord was trying to make may have been for the benefit of Job’s wife. She encouraged her husband to “curse God and die!” Wow…she really needed to understand what was important in the eyes of God!

        Lastly, as for Judas, he had a “mission” to carry out, which was to deliver the Savior up for crucifixion. However, he had made his decision to do so and didn’t change his mind until it was too late. However, in his grief, he made a final and deplorable decision by hanging himself!

        Yes, God has a plan for everyone, and we must trust Him that He is in complete control of all things. We must not go beyond what He has revealed to us in scripture because we cannot understand all of His ways and thoughts!

        Thank you once more for the reply, sorry if I “ran on” a bit myself! But things must be said when discussing the Lord’s word and will!

        Enjoy your day and visit anytime…
        Steve 🙂

  • theflufffreejournal

    AMEN and AMEN!!!! I love thoughtful and grounded discussion so this just made my day (sorry I was a bit late though…Wordpress seems to send notifications on only the things it chooses! LOL)

    Have a wonderful day yourself and please don’t hesitate to drop a line on anything! I truly appreciate it!

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