Slow Down

It seems everything and everybody is on steroids. Nothing lasts more than a nanosecond and there’s something wrong with you if you blinked and missed it. Even my Christian family has fallen victim with microwave worship, prepackaged sermons, and shabba-dabba-doo life coaching.

I was listening to an interview with Blue’s Daddy (formerly known as Jay Z/S[dot]Carter). He was talking about music and dropped these gems (I’m paraphrasing here) but I think he’s on to something even beyond that:

We have to figure out how to slow…down. When I get something, I’m gonna live with it for a while. Let it sink in and move me – really take hold.  I’m not gonna let anybody speed up my process. I don’t care what’s happening out there. My life is tailor made for me and nobody can force me into something that ain’t genuine for me just so they can move on to the next thing.

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