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Question: My Friend Hates “Religion” And I Can’t Take It

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

I have a friend who strongly hates religion. While he doesn’t try to force Atheism down my throat, he does often go on a lengthy rant about all the evils religion (especially Christianity) has brought on to the world and holds Secular Humanism and Scientism on the pedestal. I am trying very hard to be kind to him and listen to him but sometimes I can’t help but personally get offended by some of his statements. I am not sure what to do because some of the stuff he says is personally affecting me.


Please, dear friend: whatever your friend says, do NOT take it personally.

I understand it feels like he’s talking smack about your mama, but any sort of pushback from you will only prove his point. 

I’ve said this story many times, but in my old housing complex there was an awesome black gentlemen…

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Loud Applause

“This is what we applaud…it is the notion of choosing the clarity and power of one’s own voice over the voice of doubt and hesitation, despite the fact that that [latter] voice is louder, and more people are saying it…” 

Kivi Bernhard – Leopardology