Daily Archives: April 24, 2013

How to Get Grace

“A man inquired of a preacher, ‘How do you receive the grace of God?’

Since it was pouring down rain outside the building where the two were talking, the preacher replied, “Like this.”

Whereupon he stepped out into the pouring rain and began to be soaked.”

– p 6, Never a Day Too Much, Daniel Black


Baby Prophets

Real conversation between 4 adults and a truly wise 4 year old…we love the Gabster.

Baby Gab: “Where is Jesus??? Why can’t He be right here beside me [in person]?”

Adult 1: “He said He had to go away for right now…but He’ll be back.”

Baby Gab: “When??”

Adult 2: “Remember, He said we won’t know when…we won’t know the day or the hour.”

Baby Gab: “BUT I KNOW WHEN!! I know…….but it’s a secret and I can’t tell…shhh.”

Adult 3: “You know….you might just be on to something there!”