Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Once again…nail on head…

Da Nile

If ignorance is bliss, then denial must be nirvana. (I hope that no one has ever said that…seems like a quote, but I couldn’t tell you who so for now it’s mine.)

Today, like no other day ever in  my life, I understand why people choose to ignore any and all truths staring them right in the face. I understand why people choose to create fantasy worlds that only they live in, and never leave.   I understand why instead of experiencing Jesus and His church, folks would much rather create who he is outta the left over puzzle pieces they have strewn around in their brain.

None of it is real. By any stretch of even the most creative imagination. Yet, if you try to take yourself, them, or God out of the box they’ve built, they will try to off you. Literally.

Being honest and transparent for the sake of healing, repentance, and freedom seems akin to suicide. In the truth, you can kill off all those places that have left you broken and in desperate pain for however long. But you will also be opening yourself up for other people, especially those who aren’t supposed to, to try to kill you too. Their judgments, their lack of compassion, their quiet opinions of just how bad you are.

But keep your integrity. Stay true. Stay honest. Because most of the time, those same folk are just floating down that river in Egypt and can’t admit it.