The Big Ten

Our church started a bible study called “His Law and His Grace” using the Ten Commandments. Maybe another day I’ll get into the Hebrew name of those and how the word law is really not the most fitting translation.

When we become believers, all of a sudden we start to see how everything wrong unfolded in our lives. We read and study and get more dejected because we see this crazy list of “don’t dos” that we’ve done most of already!  Try as we might to live up to everything listed but there’s no way.  No one can, but we keep trying and suddenly it’s like our hands, lives, souls get tied to this idea of never being able to come from under that weight. So we either look back and say what we had wasn’t so bad and give up on the walk; OR we live in perpetual misery that we’ll never get it right.  Neither is true or what He planned when he was talking then.

As I started going through Exodus 20:1-17, I got stuck on what God said even before he started ripping off the commandments!

 Verses 1-2: God spoke all these words: “I, the Lord, am your God,  who brought you from the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery. 
Knowing how to say YES is much different from believing that He’s always saying NO. How in the world did the “law” become bondage when God CLEARLY states in these two verses that HE is the God who brought them OUT of bondage?!?!  So He was just the type of God who would take them outta one crappy situation to stick them in a worse one?!?? It’s like making God out to be sadistic.
And ain’t that what the serpent did with Eve ; what he did and keeps doing…trying to make God out to be what he isn’t.

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