Thanks, Suze

“Because this is truly the best part: These life-altering changes
are an amazing legacy, a gift to every daughter and granddaughter—
those who grace your life today and those yet to be born.”  – Suze Orman, Women & Money

Who woulda thunk it? A nice little nugget in the beginning pages of a financial empowerment book. Granted, her book is directed at teaching women to be financially smart, but she speaks to a much deeper concept – that of not settling.

How deep would it be if we recognized the truth of her above statement in every mistake we made? If we realized that the lessons to be gleaned from every experience wasn’t for us, but for the generations AFTER us? That every time you functioned in fear, worry, anxiety, or complacency that you were cutting off a major growth opportunity for someone else?

“Life-altering changes” are simply moves of faith. When you walk, eyes open, into unknown and un-chartered territory. When all you know for certain is the beginning, you have no idea what the middle will hold,  but you believe in the end. That sounds like it’d make for a much more interesting story than the one that anyone can write. Title: “I did what everyone else did when everyone else did it cause it was the safest thing to do and there was no risk involved, plus everyone was doing it so it must have been right although I was miserable because there had to be more.”

Personally, I’d rather tell my future kids an impactful and effectual story rather than a typical one that they can hear anywhere.


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