I really had to think about that “passion” vs. “gift” thing. I’m passionate about a couple things and would work hard at them and do them for free. But my GIFT, on the other hand, flows like water when I respect it. Ain’t no real work in it if I’m honest.

Everyone has a gift in some aspect. You were given it before you were even here. Let me reiterate…you. were. given. it.

You can squander it. You can ignore it. Or you can grow it, fertilize it, expand it.

You may never have considered it because it just seemed so natural.

What kinda doofus doesn’t like getting gifts? I have a feeling that one day we’ll start seeing Christmas marketing start in August/September simply because of the idea of “gift giving”.  Buy the kids school clothes and pick up a present. Or just maybe that’s a clue as to why.  We run around grabbing what we can off of shelves and racks and off of floors in hopes that the recipient will appreciate it – and possibly reciprocate (in kind…cause who wants less than they’ve given?).   Some people won’t accept gifts for just that reason. Because there seems to be a string attached.  If Petey gives me a gift, won’t I have to give him one back? Oooh noooo…I don’t think so…what does he want from me anyway?

And that’s a lot of reason as to why we won’t operate in our gifts. Because if I actually start using this thing, I’ll be responsible for something. Anything. “It’s my gift…why do I have to share it with YOU? Mine! Mine! Mine!”


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