Daily Archives: May 3, 2012

A Lil Higher

I’ve always loved to read and I’ve always loved to write but I’m new to this blogging, freelancing, public writing thing.

I don’t live or write in a bubble. By the grace of God I think I’m pretty well-rounded. And especially since I’m a newbie here, I read other people’s writing. Everything. From how to make the perfect guacamole to how Wicca is the religion of Champions to thoughts on how Ronald Reagan stunted this country’s growth. Everything.  I love how many of the articles and the responses to some of the articles – and responses from the contributors themselves –  are by and large informed, educated and passionate. These folk did their homework and ain’t afraid to show it.

One thing I noticed is that when it comes to blogs on religion, specifically Christianity, is that we need to come up a little higher. Sometimes is like reliving the tone-deaf person who’s been allowed to lead the choir just because of their love of worship. Or the illiterate person who reads the Announcements every week because they just want to serve.  They are full of heart but no information, passionately wrong, and sometimes downright kooky.

Don’t get me wrong, very many of the articles are highly literate and cultivated. We got some folks who know how to be deep, learned, and hilarious at the same time (which is no small feat!).  But I’ve found they get very little comment back. And when they do, and then the author has questions and begins a conversation, all of a sudden the room clears. There was one I saw where a reply was made to an article, the author posed a question about a portion of the response, and the respondant has never replied – that was 2 years ago.  Or the response has NOTHING to do with what the author was trying to get across.

I’m certainly not saying I know everything, but I know a little bit about a few things and I have been given the confidence in those things – along with the discipline and wisdom to deal with them. I don’t mind being wrong, because recognizing that and having it pointed out gives me the opportunity to correct it. Unfortunately, many don’t want to learn and/or grow. They just want to be entertained for even the briefest of moments.

I realize this phenomenon ain’t new. ‘Basketball Wives’ wouldn’t still be airing if everybody was turning to ‘the Rachel Maddow Show’ instead.  But even when we’re having fun (as we should) or just being facetious about certain things, we still have an obligation to both respect our text and the author of the same. Step up a little bit.


Good morning Lord,

I am not insecure.

I am not unstable.

I am not unsure.

I am not afraid.

I am not wavering.

I am not, however, unaware.  I also am not unconcerned.

I may have certain facts on my left, but I have Truth on my right which is in the right. On that alone I stand.

Sifting just shakes things up. Refining illustrates. Gold. Silver. No impurities.