Panicking and being anxious, like being unforgivening, only kill you. We think that if we forgive it lets the other party off the hook…like it makes it ok. Not so. The same way we think that if we have peace about a tough situation, that we’re saying everything is ok or that we’re minimizing the issue. Also not so.

Forgiveness is the method to release yourself from someone else’s chokehold.

Peace is the method to release yourself from the world’s chokehold.

2 responses to “Relax

  • My2cents

    How do you forgive with so much anger towards that person? Especially when you have not wronged them in any way. Forgiveness is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. One day I will get there hope it’s not too late though. Being at peace is easier for me, go figure.

    • theflufffreejournal

      You said it…it’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight. It may take you your lifetime because it’s a daily commitment. ESPECIALLY when you’re both angry and you can’t see where you’ve done anything wrong. That’s what really had me pissed off about a certain situation. I had been almost on my face apologizing even though I wasn’t absolutely wrong, but I’m a person who’d rather have peace and fix it than be right, but the other person in essence spit in my face whenever they could. Every now and then I get a flashback! LOL It’s never too late to have peace. Because again, that’s something that you have to work to keep daily. Forgiveness is the one thing that you control. If you choose to be angry, then that’s what you’ll be. But if you choose to start everyday saying 1) I forgive _____ for _____ , 2) I let _____ go from _____ and 3) Please Lord, bless _____ , and say the exact same things EVERY time you think of the person and/or situation, it gets easier and easier until the day when you actual mean everything you say (cause to be real, you won’t at first). It was always me to bounce and disappear, but it never really gave me peace. Forgiveness does.

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