Daily Archives: May 1, 2012


Panicking and being anxious, like being unforgivening, only kill you. We think that if we forgive it lets the other party off the hook…like it makes it ok. Not so. The same way we think that if we have peace about a tough situation, that we’re saying everything is ok or that we’re minimizing the issue. Also not so.

Forgiveness is the method to release yourself from someone else’s chokehold.

Peace is the method to release yourself from the world’s chokehold.


Your sink is backed up. You call a plumber to come out. He shows up at your door with a feather duster and a can of paint. Yeah…no. Not gonna work.

The same goes for you. Someone needs you. What are you gonna show up to the “job” with? Your own baggage? Presuppositions and unsolicited (bad) advice? Impatience?

I can guarantee that you will be ill-equipped for ANY job carrying only those tools around…and you will be fired.