Hey ‘Potiphar’s wife’…DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GURL??

Apparently not, because your actual name wasn’t even important enough to get included in the Book (even Jezebel and Delilah got a spot…just sayin’).

*Quick recap: the man Potiphar wasn’t no slouch. He was the captain of the guard. Not ‘a’, ‘the’.  Bought Joseph and set him to serve in his house. Not only did Joseph do his job well, he respected his position, his employer, and his God who put it all together. Not to mention he was a good looking kid too.  Potiphar’s wife saw it. She deliberately checked for him. She decided she was gonna ‘have’ him. Potiphar’s wife.*

Ezekiel 16: 32-34 ‘Adulterous wife, who prefers strangers instead of her own husband!  All prostitutes receive payment, but instead you give gifts to every one of your lovers. You bribe them to come to you from all around for your sexual favors! You were different from other prostitutes because no one solicited you. You gave payment and no payment was given to you. Yes, you are different.’ Potiphar’s wife.

Potiphar’s wife, you have a husband. By all accounts, you have a solid husband – balanced. He immediately came to your aid, even at your lying cry, but he also didn’t throw the book at Joseph (probably because he knew his wife).  But you chose to beg behind who YOU called a slave. If he was so beneath you, why did you work so hard to molest him? He NEVER pursued you. Actually turned you down definitively and tried to stay as far from you as possible…but you kept coming. You were so vindictive and desperate that you had to make up a way for it to look like he wanted you when he didn’t.  Why Potiphar’s wife?

Who are you anyway?

4 responses to “Nameless

  • seanway

    Tight post. Feelin the viscosity!

  • My2cents

    Potiphar’s wife, is that female who feels she is what PERFECTION is and every man wants her. In her eyes she is “God’s Gift to men”. Due to her mindset NO does not exist in her vocabulary. However, soon as she was rejected reality set in. Her world was crushed for a minute until she put all her energy into conquering her challenge. Who is she? A person ugly on the inside, filled with anger, guilt and emptiness. She is a person that does not know how to love or what it feels like. She is a person with a lost soul begging for guidance but noone is listening because of her ways. She is your associate/ friend, next door neighbor, coworker, sister, mother, aunt, cousin. She is SOCIETY!

    • theflufffreejournal

      “She is your associate/ friend, next door neighbor, coworker, sister, mother, aunt, cousin. She is SOCIETY!” YES! YES! YES! And even more importantly, she is me, she could be you, she could be ANYONE in the right moment. We have everything we need, but we want more. We act like we deserve more. Even those things that 1) ain’t ours, 2) ain’t good for us, and/or 3) just AIN’T! So we’re all “nameless” to a degree..

      • My2cents

        Never SATISFIED for all the wrong things with no care in the world who we hurt. Is it right no, but some people are not capable of looking at things they do and say nor acknowledge their faults. The person that acknowledges their wrongdoing and short comings is on the road to REDEMPTION!

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