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Hey ‘Potiphar’s wife’…DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GURL??

Apparently not, because your actual name wasn’t even important enough to get included in the Book (even Jezebel and Delilah got a spot…just sayin’).

*Quick recap: the man Potiphar wasn’t no slouch. He was the captain of the guard. Not ‘a’, ‘the’.  Bought Joseph and set him to serve in his house. Not only did Joseph do his job well, he respected his position, his employer, and his God who put it all together. Not to mention he was a good looking kid too.  Potiphar’s wife saw it. She deliberately checked for him. She decided she was gonna ‘have’ him. Potiphar’s wife.*

Ezekiel 16: 32-34 ‘Adulterous wife, who prefers strangers instead of her own husband!  All prostitutes receive payment, but instead you give gifts to every one of your lovers. You bribe them to come to you from all around for your sexual favors! You were different from other prostitutes because no one solicited you. You gave payment and no payment was given to you. Yes, you are different.’ Potiphar’s wife.

Potiphar’s wife, you have a husband. By all accounts, you have a solid husband – balanced. He immediately came to your aid, even at your lying cry, but he also didn’t throw the book at Joseph (probably because he knew his wife).  But you chose to beg behind who YOU called a slave. If he was so beneath you, why did you work so hard to molest him? He NEVER pursued you. Actually turned you down definitively and tried to stay as far from you as possible…but you kept coming. You were so vindictive and desperate that you had to make up a way for it to look like he wanted you when he didn’t.  Why Potiphar’s wife?

Who are you anyway?


I was all ready to shine some love-light, cum-bah-yah on the world this morning, but that would be completely counter to the whole point of this blog. I don’t do fluff. Especially after I came to the full realization this morning that I’m pissed about my circumstances. And that’s been affecting everything.  That monster is slick because I hadn’t noticed how far in the thickets I was…it drained my spiritual batteries before I even realized what was happening.

I know all the Scriptures I need — He’s been feeding me with them daily.  I’m never out of prayer or my Word. Problem is that I’m also never out of my head either. I create the antithesis to every solution He’s given me. So I have the remedy…I just have a tough time actually applying it in times like these.  He’s been faithful and all that for the longest, then all of a sudden he comes along and does something (rather has me do something) I can’t explain and that I can’t see the end of.  I recognize, though, that my definition of faithfulness and His are two different things.  I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE (add your own) it here because I feel completely bi-polar.  I know what I know in Him, but I also know what I’ve lived…and so the power struggle ensues.

Glory be to Christ that I never win out cause my side is just silly.  I will not sulk. I will not wallow.  Instead I’ll learn how to really trust in God in everything. Period.