Daily Archives: April 26, 2012


Yep. I’m late again. But today, no conviction. I’m off the hook and cleared for this one because I had good reason.

I rested.

I know many were expecting some major emergency or grand excuse. Nope.

I rested.

I know that many would think that was the laziest, most ridiculous idea ever. RESTING? Who does that?

Exactly the point.

Resting is not about lying down and sleeping. Resting is a state of being when you’re sleeping OR when you’re wide awake. ┬áIt’s knowing that everything is fine, even if it doesn’t look like it. ┬áResting is being completely free from anything that happened yesterday (and the yesterday before that and the one before that). Resting is being completely free from anything that might happen today.

Resting is Peace. I’m telling you…you oughta get you some. It’ll change your life.