Daily Archives: April 25, 2012


I wasn’t gonna write a post this afternoon. I’m already (by the time I finish) 15-20 minutes late from my standard 3:30p post time.

But I was convicted.

For those who have not heard that term, it basically means I received direct instruction on something that I hadn’t done, that my conscience won’t let me off the hook about it and I have to correct it. Now.

This has been the least productive semester I have spent in Grad school, not because I haven’t been taught anything or, in turn, learned anything. I’ve definitively received both pedagogy and edification.

It’s been unproductive because I’ve been unproductive. And in that, I have been convicted and I have to change it going forward.

This the last week and every nerve ending in my body is excited. I am sitting at a school computer getting ready to finish the last 5 pages of a final paper and the last 2 pages of a final book review – all of which need to be done in the next hour and a half. I should be stressing, but because I am very clear that I created this last-minute monster, I refuse.  Frankly, that’s what causes people to drop out of the race instead of just taking a swig of water and running on. They get caught up in the mistake and get dragged down by it.  

Thankfully, I’m not built that way.  What I will do is finish – and finish strong.

What You Do

Even with all the people in the world clamoring to get your attention, you’re actually listening for me.  You hear me.

Sometimes I don’t even know how to say what I wanna say…when I’m babbling and talking in circles. You understand every word.

People have things to do. Life is moving. But there are times when I’m needy and no one has a moment to spare. You are never too busy.

I run into what I consider brick walls a lot more than I’d prefer. Every time, you guide me to a door that I obviously couldn’t see (probably because I was running and wouldn’t just slow down).

You see me. You protect me. You strengthen me. You just do.

Thank You.