Stop Doubting Thomas

I’ve been in a fog of the “end of the semester”. Writing papers and reading books and reading papers and writing books. In the midst of my research I came across a book called “Know Why You Believe” by Paul E. Little. In class a few days ago, my professor was talking about Thomas and how he REQUIRED to feel Jesus’ scars before he believed.

Thomas, like Peter, are my dudes.  I’ve never taken to calling Thomas a “doubter”, because he was too much like me.  Too much has happened in my life ESPECIALLY growing up “Christian” for me to blindfold my faith and say YES, YES I believe and run about the streets handing out tracts. Not gonna do it.  He’s been putting me to the test this entire month and finally I had to be honest and say Listen Jesus…if you really want me to believe you, I need to SEE it.  Finish what you started and confirm it for me.

“Doubting and questioning are normal to any thinking person. Rather than express shock, it is better for us to hear the questioner out and, if possible, even sharpen the question a little more.” p 29

A lot of folk don’t believe it but, “[f]aith in Christianity is based on evidence.” We have 66 accounts as evidence. “It is reasonable faith. Faith in the Christian sense goes beyond reason but not against it.” p 30

But see…here’s the clincher: “A doubter needs to see that he must come to a decision after having been given an answer…Continued doubt in the face of adequate information may be a cloak for unwillingness to believe, in which case the problem is that the questioner’s will has been set against God.” [..fought against the will of God and the call on his life…rather than praying clearing about his unwillingness to believe] p30-31

2 responses to “Stop Doubting Thomas

  • seanway

    Figured you were mucho busy since I haven’t been seeing many posts from you. I really like what you put down here (in concise fashion yet again – NOT my strong suit), and was just looking at some related topics recently.

    The Lord put it on my heart to look at why atheists choose to not believe in God. I know that the Word says, “A fool says in his heart that there is no God,” but I needed that next level of experiential and logical explanation, ya know? Anyway, long story short, I learned about another fancy academic term, ‘presuppositionalism’: which is a fancy way of saying “accepting something ‘a priori’ “. Every one of us has a worldview in which we accept some part without needing evidence to do so. In fact, there is at least one point of our worldview which we MUST accept without having any evidence. At some point, we don’t know it all and we must consult another source, right? At that point, we are taking that source on faith.

    In the case of Christians, we weren’t there to see Jesus (and are told “Blessed are those who will believe without seeing.”), yet we believe the Bible to be THE God-breathed, inspired words of God on paper. Even though, from a historical and academic perspective, there is evidence ABOUNDING in regards to Jesus having been a historical person, having been who He says He was and continuing to be who He says He is, they choose to stand on a different belief before / without evidence which is, “These are just stories,” or something to that effect. This is why Christians and Atheists / Agnostics can have such a hard time talking – they may really look at the world so differently that there may be no way to communicate through some of these differences in faith. I guess that’s why the Scriptures talk about people’s, “Minds being blinded,” and, “only the Spirit [being able to] woo [people] unto the Father.”

    Anyway, your post just made me think of these things, and I hope it’s not too long! God Bless, sister and may your fogginess come to an end sooner than later 🙂

    In His Name,

    • theflufffreejournal

      Hey there! I’ll be honest with what I was actually foggy about in a later post! LOL

      But yeah, you hit everything (and don’t sell yourself short, it was nicely concise!)

      The reality is that at the end of the day, everyone has free will. Ev’rybody. So if they so choose to not believe, they won’t. And the craziest thing is that we’ll actually never really know WHAT they believe. They can say whatever, even do whatever, but it’s what’s in the heart that really counts. And only God is qualified to know that.

      And I have a really close friend who tags herself Agnostic/Athiest and I Iove her to pieces. As radical as it may seem to some, we don’t expressly talk about God or beliefs or any of that. We don’t have to…we share a passion for dance and that’s what we do together as often as we can. I show up for her and she shows up for me. If the time comes that there is ever a question or a need for an in depth convo, I pray at all times (for anyone I encounter) that I’ll be ready with an answer. Outside of that, we just dance!

      Hope you are staying well and getting some rest!!
      Be Blessed (and no, that wasn’t supposed to rhyme…but it’s kinda funky!) TTYL!

      Nanette :o)

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