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How about you just THINK

Although I usually do not get into movie critiques and whatnot – either you liked it or you didn’t and I ain’t tryin to persuade you – but I had intended to talk about “Think Like a Man”.  It worked out that I wasn’t able to see the movie just yet, but I did read the original book and found it highly entertaining, even if not wholly functional for my beliefs.

Originally, I was going to rip into what has been tagged as “The 90 Day Rule”…and how utterly stupid it is for someone, anyone to walk in it blindly as if that’s gonna be any type of gauge of a person or the relationship they want to have with you.  But this morning I realized that the problem is not the rule – it’s the people.

Ladies, I’m talking to you. Woman to Woman (old, young, whatever). Non-virgin to Non-virgin (or virgin). Single to Single (and make no mistake – EVEN if you think you have a “boo”, you are STILL SINGLE.)

Before you start sucking your teeth and saying that things have “worked” for you, I’d like to find out how you know. If you’ve never done anything as drastically different as wholly committing to celibacy, how do you really know what “worked for you”? All you have is a comparison to everything else you’ve ever done and that’s not a true representation of how “well” it’s worked out. Oh…and let’s not forget that the ’90 day rule’ ain’t new…it just has a big name and definition behind it now.  And if you did try it for a little while and it didn’t work for you, are you honestly trying to convince anyone that the feeling of being left after you’ve attached yourself to someone sexually is a better feeling than allowing someone to bounce from the gate because the only options they gave you were ‘have sex or I’m leavin’?

Lemme ask this as well, how much difference is there really between a rapist who wears a mask to hide himself and takes sex by force and manipulation and a man who will hide behind a mask of “caring”, and through emotional manipulation will work to make you think that what’s yours belongs to him before he has earned it?  Before you tell me that’s a harsh analogy…you tell me how you felt after you got banged and left by someone you thought was “the one”. I can guarantee you, having been on both ends of the aforementioned spectrum, that the emotions in each case are just about the same.

So if you didn’t know, there is no expiration date on keeping what belongs to you.  It’s yours. You have the choice of giving it to whomever and NO ONE EXCEPT GOD AND YOU HAVE ANY RIGHTS OVER IT.  That’s the real rule.

Stop worrying about who to think like. Just try thinking.



Stop Doubting Thomas

I’ve been in a fog of the “end of the semester”. Writing papers and reading books and reading papers and writing books. In the midst of my research I came across a book called “Know Why You Believe” by Paul E. Little. In class a few days ago, my professor was talking about Thomas and how he REQUIRED to feel Jesus’ scars before he believed.

Thomas, like Peter, are my dudes.  I’ve never taken to calling Thomas a “doubter”, because he was too much like me.  Too much has happened in my life ESPECIALLY growing up “Christian” for me to blindfold my faith and say YES, YES I believe and run about the streets handing out tracts. Not gonna do it.  He’s been putting me to the test this entire month and finally I had to be honest and say Listen Jesus…if you really want me to believe you, I need to SEE it.  Finish what you started and confirm it for me.

“Doubting and questioning are normal to any thinking person. Rather than express shock, it is better for us to hear the questioner out and, if possible, even sharpen the question a little more.” p 29

A lot of folk don’t believe it but, “[f]aith in Christianity is based on evidence.” We have 66 accounts as evidence. “It is reasonable faith. Faith in the Christian sense goes beyond reason but not against it.” p 30

But see…here’s the clincher: “A doubter needs to see that he must come to a decision after having been given an answer…Continued doubt in the face of adequate information may be a cloak for unwillingness to believe, in which case the problem is that the questioner’s will has been set against God.” [..fought against the will of God and the call on his life…rather than praying clearing about his unwillingness to believe] p30-31