Daily Archives: April 13, 2012


You settle into a routine, only to have it upended by something small.  You have all your plans laid out, then one hour happens, and everything you lined up is off.

I’ve never believed in “chance” – and I don’t think things happen by coincidence. I think that everything happens because it was supposed to happen for some reason.  Now before you get in an uproar because of something bad that happened to you that you had no control over so there couldn’t have been any reason for it, I’m here to tell you 1) I did too, having been molested and raped multiple times in my life, just as an example and 2)I’m finally at a place where I can reconcile the “good” of the “bad”, both big and small. 

Imagine those times when you were late by 5 minutes, and as you went on your way, you hear about or see an accident that JUST happened.   Be glad for your lost time.

Imagine those times when you had every intention of going out (wherever out may have been) and your plans got completely ruined, only to find out later that some massive tragedy happened OR that it wasn’t as interesting a function as you thought it would have been.  Be glad that you had to sit at home (with your money still in your pocket and/or your legs underneath you – because you could have lost both and not been able to get them back). 

So inhale and exhale…it’s really not that big a deal. As a matter of fact, it’s probably better than you think. 


What’s your real question…?

In the last 48 hours, I’ve seen and heard more “critiques” of Christianity that I have probably in a few years.  Blaming Christianity for the decay of reality in the world…reeeeally? Discussion upon discussion about how believing in God is really no good for this or that. One person actually said “I’m spiritual, so I know Jesus wasn’t really that dude. He was just like anybody else…he wasn’t nobody.”  In essence, it’s basically an attack on God and I apologize wholeheartedly on behalf of them for that.

I recognize that the fluffy easter bunny holiday is over, but we still have to know how to “forgive them for they know not what they do”.  In this instance, the most vehemence is usually from people who have NO idea what it’s really all about or what we do here. I couldn’t care less if you memorized every scripture from Genesis to Revelation and can recite them upon command – if you don’t understand what’s behind all of it and never take any of it into your heart and life, don’t tell me nothin about what you think of God or his plan. You don’t have a clue.

So my question is: what’s your real question? What really bothers you? Since you don’t have a real living notion of what Christianity is all about, what do you really have the problem with? Having somebody you can’t control controlling you?  Having to relate to people who put you up to your own mirror everytime you’re in their presence? Having to revamp your whole life system so that it doesn’t revolve around you?

Sounds more like it to me.