Really? (Real?Lie?)

What is truth? Really. What is reality? The definition of both unfortunately seem to be getting more and more subjective by the second…and isn’t that counter to the meaning of truth? Does the co-mingling of the two ideas render most hopeless?

If I’m honest, my “truth” has always only been an extension or reflection of someone else’s. It was never really mine.  So while it was really a truth, it was a real lie at the exact same time. I have found that people, including myself, will lie so that their current “truths” can be true.

Definition clear now? Yeah, didn’t really think so.  Doesn’t that all sound absolutely NUTS??

It’s even more sick when God is in the equation.  If you’re willing to listen, He always tells you the truth and what’s true…not only about you, but anyone and anything else you ask him about.


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