Daily Archives: April 12, 2012

Really? (Real?Lie?)

What is truth? Really. What is reality? The definition of both unfortunately seem to be getting more and more subjective by the second…and isn’t that counter to the meaning of truth? Does the co-mingling of the two ideas render most hopeless?

If I’m honest, my “truth” has always only been an extension or reflection of someone else’s. It was never really mine.  So while it was really a truth, it was a real lie at the exact same time. I have found that people, including myself, will lie so that their current “truths” can be true.

Definition clear now? Yeah, didn’t really think so.  Doesn’t that all sound absolutely NUTS??

It’s even more sick when God is in the equation.  If you’re willing to listen, He always tells you the truth and what’s true…not only about you, but anyone and anything else you ask him about.


I told you NO

Me and Myself were having a serious debate (don’t know where I was…probably off watching TV):

“Ok…wait…maybe I should! I know I’ve gotten all the “God will Provide” scriptures, but wouldn’t it be wrong of me NOT to accept an opportunity that seems to be calling my name?”

“No. No. NO.  He said “wait”! He said “relax”. You have more important things to do right now. You don’t have time for that anyway.”

“Oh come’on. Of course I have time. And since I have time, it would be selfish not to accept the offer, right?”


Don’t try to okie-doke God because He already knows what you’re up to.

I knew as soon as I walked into the initial meet that it was wrong. Everything about it was off.  And every subsequent conversation and interaction was disjointed. But I heard the “benefits”…rather, how it would benefit me.  He whispered – “no…you don’t need that”.

I left and resolved in my mind that I would not do it.  But MAN it sounded good, didn’t it? And God you’ve been working hard for me already…I can take this part and give you a break. See……I’m helping! He cleared his throat and said: “Surely, you know I don’t need your help, right?”              Hmmm…ok…well, don’t say I didn’t try.

And after all this, I STILL went ahead with MY plan….and after having to rock with the consequences of my error for four days, I CLEARLY got the picture.

Your rationalization and minimization won’t change His NO to a YES.  And He does not play. Whatever needs to be done for you to recognize that you’re off track, even by a little bit, will be done; and you will be re-railed. If you’re smart, you won’t dumb out and get mad at Him for taking you from your plan B- and putting you back on HIS plan A+.

Because if you are willing to be honest, the obvious truth will be that you had been warned, and now you will be stopped.