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You Have More than Enough

I’ve been treating God like a magician, and completely ignoring Jesus.  What I mean by that is that when I’m in a bind, I’m good at kinda praying to God about what I need and then just figuring it’ll fall out of the sky somehow because now God knows.  I told Him — so now I can just wait for the miracle to happen – SHAZAM!!…oh, but when it doesn’t, then it’s like “Why hast thou forsaken me Lawd? WHY???” or even better the “Well…it musta just been God’s will.” (We blame so much stupidity on God.)
Immediately, He reminded me of all the things Jesus did – specifically the two fish and five loaves story. Jesus got to a place where there were tons of people that he healed … apparently all day…and that night the disciples were ready to send them on their way so that they (the people) could get some food. Jesus’ answer was that they – the disciples – should help them.  And the story goes that he took what they had and gave honor to God for it and it feed 5000 people. But THEN, I realized that that wasn’t the only time he’d fed almost that many. There was another occassion where there were 4000 who needed to be fed and while the disciples had a little bit more in stock this time (7 loaves and “a few fish”…still not enough by their standards), Jesus AGAIN asks for what they have.  Ok so why does this all matter? Because the FIRST thing I was reminded of was that all of Jesus’ work here on earth was done as a MAN. He never gave himself equal standing with God, even though He was, and it was his relationship with the Father that gave him the power to do all things. Then He made me to realize that miraculous help and provision came through PEOPLE who had a relationship with God…one and the main of such people being Jesus.  People told Jesus their problems and through the power that he had in God he was able to help. For me, that was a revelation that had me on my face apologizing to God!! It’s like the man by the water who had been there for decades but just couldn’t quite get in the healing pool. I have never truly received because I never asked for the right thing!! I always ask for God’s help (Lord gimme this, gimme that cause Madd Dogg is a’comin!!) but never to release me from the pride and attitude that I shouldn’t “tell my business” cause “nobody can help/wants to help anyway”.  For the longest I read the two fish, five loaves story as the disciples just being ready to get rid of the people. I’m sure they were tired and hungry themselves and figured Jesus was too. I can see Peter over the grill about to throw those few fish they had on it cause what they had was probably just enough for their crew.  But after looking at it now, I can see their plight and it wasn’t completely selfish, just unaware. Maybe if they’d had a trough of food they would have considered feeding the people, but in their minds, there was nothing they could do.Yet all they needed to do was ASK JESUS!! He was standing right there in all his human Godliness!!! Jesus related to people as a person even through his Godliness. His mission wasn’t to call thunderbolts down on cities or create floods to wipe out a people. His mission was to save the people through Himself. And then, He gives the word that “I tell you for certain that if you have faith in me, you will do the same things I am doing. You will do even greater things, now that I am going back to the Father.”  So if He left authority with His people to do such things as He did, then where is my trust in what He has said He’s left as a legacy?!?!
If I believe in Christ’s Words here, then that means that I should have no problem in telling my story (to whom God directs) because I also have a task in that — regardless of what my situation is, I should be able to look at my two fish and five loaves (7) or my seven loaves (7) and give honor to God for them, then pass them around to the multitudes. Because if one of our greatest treasures as a family under God is that we take care of one another, then that means me too and I know some people who need help. So if I know that God can take my little bit to take care of someone else, then I know God can take care of me. I just have to trust and believe that He’ll do so.

Whatchu worried about?

Can any of you add a single hour to your life by worrying?1  Good luck trying. Usually the only thing you add is grey hair and ulcers.

So don’t ever worry about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.2  Seriously, you can’t even wrap your head around everything that’s gonna happen in a couple minutes. You’re already rushing and the today day hasn’t even effectually started yet.  So why are you trying to deal with tomorrow too?

Cut it out and turn all your anxiety [issues, concerns, fears, worries] over to God because he cares for you.3  In other words, just talk to the Man. Tell him everything on your mind.4 EVERYTHING.  Ahem…I repeat…EVERYTHING. Cause if you’re gonna bother praying, what’s the point in lying and trying to hide stuff. It’s counterproductive. And once you finish talking to Him about it, stop running around telling everybody else your sob stor(ies). Because if you tell five people, four of them will have you more worried than when you started. So instead of hoping that telling someone else will guilt them into helping you out, or just having mouth run-on, trust in Him and he will act and help you.5

Just let Him do what he does. And he will. Don’t worry.

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