I’m “puppy-sitting” for some family while they’re on vacation – and after less than 24 hours, I’m pretty convinced that I don’t want kids! lol Don’t get me wrong. She’s adorable and really no trouble. She’s a 3 month old Westie who is more like a 3 year old toddler in a puppy suit.

And cute thought she may be, she is a distraction.  I have a ton of both school and work work to do today and I thought I’d be able to give her a couple toys and let her play while I got some done. Not happenin’. Because when she wants to be with you or just wants to play — or gets too quiet, you’re in for it.  She’s not concerned with ANYTHING I may have to do and because she’s a baby and a dog, I have to stop and tend to her regardless to what I’m doing. (oh…and before you mention it…no, she sleeps with one eye open at all times. When YOU move, SHE moves.).

People, places and things do the same to us…especially when we’re focused and moving forward in everything we’re doing.

Dis: prefix – opposite of, deprive of

Traction: noun – adhesive function of a body on a surface on which it moves; a pulling force exerted on a skeletal structure by means of a special device

We have a “special device” that propels us to move in a certain direction and keeps us attached so that we can continue moving forward. We just celebrated the embodiment of our “traction” and if we really have a relationship, we continue to do so everyday.  We don’t start or stop at Easter Sunday.

We also have “dis”s in each and every one of our lives. Those ones whose business it is to deprive us of our focus. And they are usually loved, protected, and covered by us.  By all accounts, you think they’re harmless – just doing what they do and playing around to get your attention. You feel obligated to be there for them because they somehow “need” you right at this specific second. Though it’s hard to stay on track when they start pulling on your sleeve; and as cute and/or helpless as they may be, you cannot get caught up in that. Because before you know it, you will have completely changed direction and/or stopped everything you were doing in order to help them, their issue will be resolved, but you won’t hear from them again until the next crisis. And you will be left lost and in a ditch…wondering where you are and how you got so far behind.

2 responses to “Dis-Traction

  • seanway

    We definitely have to hear from the Holy Ghost on when to help others and when not to; have had to learn that the hard way in the past – when my ‘tender heart’ got the best of me. Had to learn that was a form of pride too, tryin to be the nicest guy on the block!

    Again, great post sister. I’m amazed at how you’re inspired every day, usually like twice a day… Praise’im! Prolific and penetrating 🙂

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