And just who is man?

God and man are NOT created equal.  We don’t do things the same way, we absolutely do not think the same way. Man is not even close…got that.  I was having some “singles” discussions with some folks and some of the conversation turned to  two of my favorite people: Adam and Eve.

I found it interesting about God tasking (not just allowing or giving a choice) Adam with naming ALL the animals and birds. I had to chew that for a minute because basically the responsibility God gave Adam was not just to “name” the animals but to also decide what they would be and what their purpose was. Because through it all, he was not just naming animals, but he was also looking for his “suitable helper”. I wonder if, in the process of naming them, Adam tried to get a sheep to sit down at the table with a cup of coffee and talk about the yard work? I wonder if he tried to get a cat to pay full attention to him without walking off or looking at him sideways? I wonder if he tried to put his arms around an ox? Because at the end of the day, he knew that nothing that God had yet created was it for him in the way he needed. All the animals had a purpose, but not for him.

And then I thought that as Adam gave out the names, he also gave out a level of position — a pigeon is a completely different bird than a woodpecker or crow; a giraffe is a different beast than a bull or sheep. So with each animal named, each had a purpose and a position (and still none of them were the perfect match). Some of the animals were useful enough to work the field and ensure good soil, some were useful enough to consider a “friend” and even stay indoors and close to their master, some you could only be in awe at how high they flew, but know that they could never been caged. Yet none of them were suitable.

That all blew my mind because I realized that men STILL have that responsibility today…and they take it very seriously (even though most of them don’t even realize they are working it). Women walk around stamping labels on
men before they even get to know who the dude is – “boo”, “boyfriend”, “special friend”….but if HE has not given that woman that name (purpose or position) then she is going to be in for a hard way.  And – at least from my experience – it’s not all that hard to tell what your name is even if you’re not letting God lead your party…so imagine what you could see if you’ll let God show you and just chill on it. Because, like I said before, a pigeon is a completely different animal from an eagle – a man might call it a “flying rat” and throw crumbs at a pigeon, but wanna watch an eagle sour through the sky for as long as he can, yet at the end of the day, he knows they’re both still birds. A dog and a cat can both be “man’s best friend”, one may loyally and ferociously cover and protect him and his possessions and the other may just be there for aesthetic sake – and he may not want to lose either and would be hurt if anything happened to them but in the end, they’re still just pets.

They are not suitable….and he knows it. And “suitable” can be subjective. If he doesn’t know God, or himself, then what he considers suitable and perfect will look CRAZY!!

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