Wait. What did he just say? “Forgive them…“? Seriously – this guy is incredible (insert sarcasm). He should be worried about saving himself.  I know that’s what I’d be doing.  Just like the rest of those cats that were with him – I’d scram.  Some friends thou.

He ran around for years saving other people, common sense would be that he would hop down and save himself at this point. Especially if he is who he claimed to be.  Ain’t that what got him there in the first place? But all he’s gonna do is mumble about somebody not knowing what they’re doing? Whatever man.  I know what I’m doing.  And as soon as they roll these dice, I’ma have me some new clothes. Or maybe I’ll just frame them with the insignia “the Chosen One”.  Cause that’s probably all there’s gonna be left.

I just don’t get it. None of this makes any sense.  We’ve been out here all day and he ain’t budge.  It’s like he knew. Like he’s on a mission. Nobody can go through all this and just be quiet about it. I’m looking around at all the people out here.  All the people who should know better than this. At least have a reason for doing what they’re doing.  They’ve been cracking jokes and spitting on him, hitting and kicking him. And nothing.  That woulda done it for me. Damn these ingrates. Even somebody who was supposed to be up here got the nerve to get fly and start talking crazy.  He should be……………………………….


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