So in Love

I never, ever imagined – and couldn’t have seen – that it would be like this.  And it’s not just a feeling, either…that “Ohhh, I feel sooo in love…”  Nope. This is a state of being. A living, breathing functioning action.

I have never been so protected, so completely surrounded by a strength I’ve only hoped for.  He’s compassionate and loving, but make no mistake, he will cause tornadoes and crumble buildings into dust if he has to. You wanna try me…you gotta try him. *and I dare you.   Knowing I’m secure is not just a bonus for me. He knows everything I’ve been through. So He’s like this fortress because he knows I need that.

Make no mistake. We have our disagreements. If I’m honest, it’s really just me showing out, because no matter what the situation or decision, in the end, he’s always right.  Always. And thank God for that because now I can relax. I trust him with my entire life. Not just today, but my twisted past and all of my future.  His integrity is unmatched, unparalleled, and unprecedented. That’s why it was so hard to let him in. I refused to believe he was real. I figured at some point he was gonna flip on me or even better, just disappear. But he plays no games. NONE.  I never have to guess with him and I never have to wonder what’s going on.

We talk all the time, and even when we both just want to be silent, we can still hear each other clearly. Actually, he’s such a great communicator that he always makes sure I understand where he’s coming from.

I’m still working all the kinks out because I’m continually in a daze. Even when I don’t think I deserve it, HE tells me I do.

Because he was waiting for me, ready to give me everything he had plus more.

I. Love. Him.


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