Squelch = Fail

“The desire to write grows with writing.” Desiderius Erasmus 

I was finishing up another post and after I submitted, this quote came up.  I did a comparative paper on Erasmus and  a contemporary pastor a couple semesters ago and never noted this ideal about him. Makes sense though.

His sentiment, as I read it at this moment, makes sense not only for writing, but for anything and everything else.  You had a burn to write, you started writing, the more you write, the more you want to write… inference: you’ll see certain results from your focus.  Many times, you won’t (and actually can’t) fuel the desire to accomplish something that you’ve never dedicated yourself to doing. You can want to lose weight, but without consistently working at it through proper, balanced nutrition and exercising, you won’t get far. You may desire to go to or back to school, but the forms won’t fill themselves out — and once you get there, your sustainable success will be determined by the effort you put in.

An unfortunate thing is that people tend to squelch their desire with the two evil twins: doubt and fear – they’re actually part of a set of octuplets, but that’s another conversation – especially when they point to a possibility of  failure.  But failure is only truly realized when you never do what you know you should.

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