Writer’s Block

I get two types of writer’s block: one, where I have absolutely nothing I want to share and two, where I have too much on my mind.  Both suck. Especially when they both run together.  I had to admit that the bout that has come on now is simply because there are still things that I’m wrestling with saying “out loud”.  I can assure you, it will come…just not today.

What I do want to do, however, is share some PDA with those who have gotten on this train with me – those who have followed my posts, made the most encouraging comments, and simply just took a minute to hear me out. I want to thank all those with whom I’ve had experiences that became integral pieces  in the creation of what’s already done and what will come.  Good, bad, or indifferent – none of it can be taken for granted and I’m grateful for it all. It was all important and it’s all good.

Thank you again.


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