Daily Archives: March 30, 2012


In class Wednesday night, our professor, as an educator and highly committed to pedagogy,  expressed to us that the education system was screwed up because of how the definition of “education” has been skewed. For him, the process should not be a mechanism to fill students full of data that they may never be able to access.  It is, instead, the vehicle to pull information OUT of a student – to stretch their thinking and allow them to put their concepts and precepts on the table – to then either affirm or reshape them.

In looking around, he’s is absolutely right. Systems of education have failed because all people want to do is regurgitate other people’s opinions.  They take no stand of their own, and even if they do, the minute they are challenged their entire house of cards collapses.  Do not do yourself the disservice of becoming a robot.

Church,with its multifaceted purpose and mission, should certainly be a place of education as well. Yet it can present itself as the exact same type of demon that any other student encounters. Some classmates and I were talking about the difference (or sameness) between preaching and teaching.  Yes, I want to be engaged. No, I wouldn’t want to listen to a monotone speaker. But even those things are way down on the totem pole of growth and usability.

I don’t really care about the inflection in your voice if you haven’t really said anything…or repeated the same nonsense over and over.  I don’t want to see you jump up and down and spin around to make a point, when you could have made your point with actual information without the theatrics. And please do not insult my intelligence – you cannot puff up a lack of content by adding sound bites.  “Hmmm”, “Well'”, and “Ain’t He Alright” does not constitute  material for edification…it just shows you were 1) too arrogant to study or 2) just don’t know nothing.  And heaven forbid you have a generally learned leader who refuses to allow you to learn for yourself. You must not question their presentation, message, or anything else that could possibly cause them discomfort. But everything you know must be funneled and confirmed through them. If this is the case…Run… And run fast.  Do not do yourself the disservice of entertaining complacency.

Regardless to the setting, there’s too much at stake to not require more than stuffing.


Writer’s Block

I get two types of writer’s block: one, where I have absolutely nothing I want to share and two, where I have too much on my mind.  Both suck. Especially when they both run together.  I had to admit that the bout that has come on now is simply because there are still things that I’m wrestling with saying “out loud”.  I can assure you, it will come…just not today.

What I do want to do, however, is share some PDA with those who have gotten on this train with me – those who have followed my posts, made the most encouraging comments, and simply just took a minute to hear me out. I want to thank all those with whom I’ve had experiences that became integral pieces  in the creation of what’s already done and what will come.  Good, bad, or indifferent – none of it can be taken for granted and I’m grateful for it all. It was all important and it’s all good.

Thank you again.