There’s nothing like having a healthy mental Rolodex. Every now and again you can flip through and pull out pertinent stuff and sometimes it’s just whimsical nonsense that was fun for you at the time you filed it. But every now and again, you will find a few indexes that you thought you threw away. Actually, that you believed you set fire to and danced while the ashes shimmied around in the air. And it’s upon that discovery that you have to decide, once and for all, what you’ll do with that information. Do you shrug and tuck it back behind the “X” section (because how often will you actually go there)? Do you rip it to shreds and scatter the pieces in various garbage cans so that it can’t be pieced back together again?

Or do you acknowledge that you did indeed leave it there, discern the reason you kept it, then with clarity of thought, purpose and intent either destroy it because it is indeed useless information, or put it back where it belongs?

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