This can’t be….

Life.  Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines ‘life’ (n) as:

1. the propensity or quality by which living organisms are distinguished from dead, esp. as shown in the ability to grow, respond, and reproduce.

Wow. At a cursory glance, that doesn’t say much…basically as long as you breathe, can get an inch taller (or wider), can answer a question, and/or be part of making another little you, that’s “life”. You qualify.

Merriam Webster’s dictionary also defines “[to] live” (v) as:

1. to be or continue to be alive;  2. to subsist

My Jesus. Is that all we got? So to have life, we just need to breathe and to live we simply need to exist, to have only what’s necessary to maintain life.

I’ve been surrounded by too many of the walking dead to believe that’s all there is.  Hell, I was one of them – and if you catch me at the wrong time on the wrong day with my arm or leg out of my Christian suit, you can likely see her again.

And if these two verses are the truth: 2 Tim 3:16 and John 10:10 then WHY are there so many dead Christian folk traipsing about? Especially us. This CAN’T be life. Just maintainin’. Getting by. The minimum. It can’t be.

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