Drive your race car

Because I am a professed speed demon, one thing I wanna do before this life is over is drive a race car. I figure two or three good laps around at somewhere around 200 mph would be good.  But even if I never get to do that, I’ve done some other things I NEVER envisioned myself doing – I’ve ziplined over Mexican forests (and I’m really afraid of heights), I’ve snorkeled out in the Caribbean waters (and I absolutely cannot swim…as a matter of fact, I can’t even float), I’ve spent eleven days in Japan and traveled on their subway system by myself with no real knowledge of the language (‘arigato gozaimasu’ is still all I got – and technically that’s in english).

The one thing that was the same in each of those circumstances is that I never let my feelings get ahead of the activity.  I knew well before I zipped, snorkeled, or traveled what my deficiencies were.  They were the facts present going INTO it. But I didn’t think about them too long. I let the reward of the experience take over, and because of that, I not only DID those things, but I ENJOYED the journey of them.  I have memories that can never be taken from me. I learned things about myself and God that I never would have if the facts of the situation had overtaken me.

The same is true for my plan (rather God’s plan through me).  I know how old I am.  I know that I have bills to pay. I know that I would much rather keep my “journalized” life to myself.  I know all that going in.  But those are only FACTS. Facts that my faith can and will overcome….because God said so.

So now – God says “I just told you to ______; leave the rest up to Me (please and thank you).”  You can fill in your own blank – and drive your own race car.

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