Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

Football season

I think every woman should at least learn the fundamentals of football. (oh stop grumblin…and guys, get down and stop dancing on the couch! LOL  Just hear me out on this one.)

I think there is a concept of life that some football fans inherently get whether they are conscious of it or not.  I think that men especially see it, and that’s why so many are utterly drawn to the sport.

There is no other game that is so reflective of life. Not baseball, not basketball, not Olympic swimming.

In life you can  get blitzed and blindsided…especially when it calls an audible and you missed it.  You can be focused with no distractions and have a quick rush of some decent yardage, only to get knocked back 10 yards for something stupid you did. Sometimes you can be running straight toward your goal and outrun any opponent that tries to stop you.  You can leap and flip over them.  But sometimes your opponent runs you over like a mac truck and dares you to get up…those are times you have to stay down a minute and gather your bearings. Sometimes you have so much coming at you from so many different angles that you get confused and frustrated and just throw your purpose anywhere to get rid of it.  And sometimes you just have to take a knee because you know it won’t do you any good to push ahead at that exact moment.

Life can be violent and brutal. Life can run exactly as the play was called. And every now and again, you come up on a touchdown and get to celebrate.

It’s worth watching.


Drive your race car

Because I am a professed speed demon, one thing I wanna do before this life is over is drive a race car. I figure two or three good laps around at somewhere around 200 mph would be good.  But even if I never get to do that, I’ve done some other things I NEVER envisioned myself doing – I’ve ziplined over Mexican forests (and I’m really afraid of heights), I’ve snorkeled out in the Caribbean waters (and I absolutely cannot swim…as a matter of fact, I can’t even float), I’ve spent eleven days in Japan and traveled on their subway system by myself with no real knowledge of the language (‘arigato gozaimasu’ is still all I got – and technically that’s in english).

The one thing that was the same in each of those circumstances is that I never let my feelings get ahead of the activity.  I knew well before I zipped, snorkeled, or traveled what my deficiencies were.  They were the facts present going INTO it. But I didn’t think about them too long. I let the reward of the experience take over, and because of that, I not only DID those things, but I ENJOYED the journey of them.  I have memories that can never be taken from me. I learned things about myself and God that I never would have if the facts of the situation had overtaken me.

The same is true for my plan (rather God’s plan through me).  I know how old I am.  I know that I have bills to pay. I know that I would much rather keep my “journalized” life to myself.  I know all that going in.  But those are only FACTS. Facts that my faith can and will overcome….because God said so.

So now – God says “I just told you to ______; leave the rest up to Me (please and thank you).”  You can fill in your own blank – and drive your own race car.