Who in da Hell Left the Gate Open?

I have a very short list of my favorite TV shows (at the top right now are the ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Criminal Minds’). But ‘Martin’ is still, and will probably always be one of my all-time favorites.  I was skimming through YouTube and came across this clip: 

As I had a hearty guffaw, I started to notice how much significance that little clip had.  First, a little background.  Anyone who has ever been exposed to southern gospel will know the story involved.  A little dog found himself in a tough situation; he had repeatedly taunted a larger dog on the other side of the fence simply because he thought he was safe on the other side of a gate lock that was secure. But one faithful day when he was really feeling himself, he came face to face with his much larger adversary…because unbeknownst to little Scooter, this time someone left the gate open.

Now to the clip, Bruh-Man had easy access to the apartment cause the window was open. He had no issue with climbing into a space that didn’t belong to him, yet making himself ultra comfortable: made himself a sandwich and was checking for their cable.  It didn’t remotely dawn on him that people typically knock on the front door and wait for permission to enter. He wasn’t at all concerned about what they may have been doing, because he had already made it a habit of coming through whenever he felt like it.  And to make the most of his stolen access, he would usually do it when they weren’t home. He really thought all this was natural.  But it was funny that Martin and Gina were so wrapped up in their conversation that for a minute, they didn’t even realize he was there.

So I ask…how many times has Rambo attacked you because you didn’t know your gate was left open?  Who believes they have the right to just open the window to your heart, climb in, and get comfortable there, even though they really don’t have any permission to do so?  How long did it take you to figure out that they were even in there?

Don’t feel bad about telling your Bruh-Mans they gotta roll.  Then make sure to secure your gates.


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