One More Time

I know it’s been said a million times – “if you are alive, you will go through something!” Here’s a million and one. If you are alive, you will go through something. Stuff will break and break down at the worst time. People will change, or stay the same.  You will get hired and hate the job; you will get fired and wish for the job back.  Inevitably, life will happen.  But here’s the rub, most people have two responses to the happenings of life: 1) I am all alone in this., and 2) Why me?

I beseech you to take a short moment of silence while those two lies die……..(I’ll wait)….

2) Why me? is the typical response when you just can’t understand why things are happening to you. You of all people – the “good guy”. You’ve done most things “right” (…well…except that summer a couple years back. It was a phase…). You just don’t understand.

But think about it outside of yourself. You may be dealing with an issue so that you can help someone else either get through the same thing, or avoid it all together. Even your most inconsequential mishaps can help someone else. Pretend you live in an apartment with a small living room. You stub your big toe on the end of the couch, literally, every day because you never measured the space and ordered a chair that didn’t actually fit. You finally get to move out and you happen to meet a set of people who are interested in your humble abode. Because your toe is still throbbing from the day’s impact, you make sure to advise them to check the size of any furniture they may have or may order to make sure it fits – so that they don’t have the same issue.  Silly as it may seem, your pain becomes their gain. You may have single-handedly ended the cycle of toe abuse.

And THAT’s what our troubles, whether light or major, are about.   So the question really should be “why NOT me?”

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