One Monkeee

There’s an old saying “one monkey don’t stop no show” (I just recently found out that it was the title to a song from way back…but I digress).  It basically means that all the work that you have undertaken can’t be and shouldn’t be stopped by any one person or thing.  Problem is that there is ALWAYS at least one “monkey” floating around somewhere and a lot of times it’s the one that has been on your back for most of your life.  It could be your family who supports you, but has never really had a dream of their own to know how it feels to try to attain it.  It could be your spouse who loves you dearly, but only looks at your passion as “the cute little hobby”.  Or it could be the years of living under blankets of insecurity, fear, and hope (but subsequent failure) of acceptance that knock you back every time you take even one step toward your purpose.  Monkeys.

But here’s how to shake them all.  DO SOMETHING. Period. Because you can die waiting, both physically and purposefully.

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