Do it…and keep doin it

It’s one thing to pray. It’s yet another thing to pray for something. A step further from that, to pray for something consistently. But the pièce de résistance is to do all that for a specific purpose.  Anyone can talk to God. But do you have the spiritual maturity to believe that He will supply the exact thing you need and have asked Him for with clarity, conviction, and tenacity.  *Now don’t be confused – just because you ask Him e’ry day for a red Maserati with a model type to ride in the passenger seat don’t mean you’ll get it. Be sensible.*

I think it comes down to doubt and settling.  Because if I don’t really believe that you have my back, then I’ll just pray for the minimum – the things I only kinda want – hoping against hope that You’ll see through my dopefiend move and still hook me up. And when/if I don’t get what I really desire, I can only be so disappointed. And that’s the goal, to meter the disappointment.  But that’s a really foul way to look at Jesus because it simply becomes a play of the domino affect. Because if I don’t expect much from You, you obviously can’t expect much from me because I will always be playing the fence somehow. I might ask, but only once.  I might have a specific desire in mind, but never ask. I may be persistent, but about nothing in particular.

Useless! Useless! Useless!

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