Daily Archives: March 12, 2012


So many times we wonder about the right thing to do with money and people. Troughs of books have been written on being “good stewards” of what He’s given us in both those places. ┬áBut I truly believe that God is now calling his people to start being good stewards of the free will he’s given us. Basically, we never consider how we haven’t done exactly what He’s been telling us to do.

God has been telling us all that he has something for us and that we have something to do. I believe and know that to be true. But you also have to recognize in that He’s given us a choice. If we don’t want to leave our comfortable, safe, and familiar spaces; the ones we are so used to, the ones where no one can bother us and we ain’t gotta bother nobody, it’s perfectly fine. But just know that’s exactly where you’ll stay as the full future that you could have had waves goodbye to you. ┬áCause make no mistake…the promise will happen…whether you get to see it come to pass is up to you (just ask Moses…..).